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How to test and give grades???

How can I test my homeschool student and give grades? Help Please

August 24, 2015



I don't think there is a feature yet to do that on duolingo, but I haven't tried out the dashboard so I don't know. Otherwise just give grades like you used to do.


Well I've never given grades for Spanish. I don't know the language and I was hoping to use this for a Spanish course for my high school sophomore. Maybe not.


Oh, okay. Well I don't think that you can give grades on duolingo at the moment.


Maybe have them take the test in the lingot store (costs 25 lingots) and it will give them a grade out of 5. (ex: 3.75/5). You could multiple it by 20 to give them a percentage grade or grade them on improvement from one testing to the next. This would require them to have the lingots, and if they don't, they would need to finish some more lessons or start a streak or do something to earn them before taking the test.


Thank you Todd. That helps! Now that my daughter explained lingots to me, and showed me where they are I see how I will be able to do as you suggested. She had used this program at school last year and liked it. So, I think that it's a good idea to continue with it. I'm happy she actually likes it!


I plan to grade my homeschool high schooler on the number of lessons completed. As long as he meets his daily goals, I will count it as an A. His goal is 3 lessons per day, including weekends and holidays. That will be roughly equivalent to the time he would have spent in a foreign language classroom in a traditional school. I hadn't thought about buying the tests. That sounds like a good way to evaluate progress. Something to be aware of: DuoLingo is not really intended to be a stand-alone language-learning method. I am trained as a foreign language teacher, so I notice the weaknesses as well as strengths of DuoLingo. There is almost no teaching in the program itself, so you will need to go to the discussions to find explanations about grammar. Also, there is no context, only isolated sentences. I plan to supplement DuoLingo by having my student go through another language-learning program like Pimsleur or a textbook that will include conversations and reading passages.


My mom is trying to grade me and my brother who are home schooled and in 9th grade. I like ToddPhillips' idea! Thanks all!

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