"They are my sons."

Translation:Loro sono i miei figli.

January 2, 2013

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This is getting weird. My answer: "Lui è il mio figlio" was marked as wrong because I used "il" (correct answer was: lui è mio figlio) and now "Loro sono i miei figli" is correct, although "i" is included. Does anyone know if this is a glitch or am I missing something? Help!


No, it's not a glitch:

With singular family members, you omit the definite article: Lui è mio figlio.

When you change it to plural, you need the definite article: Loro sono i miei figli.

Check out this explanation:



You seem to mix up singular (mio figlio) and plural (miei figli)? But other than that, I am also confused about the use of "i" in the answer ( sono i miei figli)? I answered "Sono miei figli" and that was accepted too. But I have so far been taught to leave out the "i" when talking about members of my family? Which is it gonna be?


You only leave out the il, Ia, i etc. when you are talking about 'single' family members. So its 'mia sorella' (my sister) and 'le mie sorelle' (my sisters). Another confusing Italian quirk!!

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