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  5. "Er hestene trøtte?"

"Er hestene trøtte?"

Translation:Are the horses sleepy?

August 24, 2015



has anyone ever seen a horse yawn?


No, but I have to say that I find this method of teaching surprisingly helpful....to pair a word that you might confuse because of your native tongue with the very thing you would confuse it with is actually a GREAT mnemonic device for me...the weirdness of it sort of jolts your brain into paying better attention and thus.....remembering!!!....:)..brilliant!!!......I never encountered this as I recall in my Spanish and German studies in high school and college, and so, I don't know if this is a common device used in the "world of language learning" or just a Duolingo thing...but it's smart!!.... or maybe it's just a Norwegian thing....and if so, Norwegians are smart!! :) ...and now thanks to allintolearning's comment/question I also know the ACTUAL Norwegian word for trotting!!!...AWESOME!!!....Marry me Duolingo! :)


Ok, so in English, as there is a definite but subtle difference between sleepy and tired, is this present in norsk? If so, what is the word for sleepy and what is the word for tired?


trøtt = sleepy, tired (mostly in the sense of sleepy, but some use it more broadly)
sliten = tired (physically or mentally)
lei = tired (mostly in the sense of being tired of something)


This was exactly the question I had (although I feel there is more than just a "subtle difference" between sleepy and tired). Anyway, this is exactly the answer I was looking for. Tusen takk, Deliciae!!


So now, I had to find out how to say "Are the horses trotting?" but it seems to be "Er hestene traver?" (No, that is not right, see below) I find it helpful to know what a similar looking word would be to help me not mix them up.


"Traver hestene?"

No present continuous, remember. If you're looking for the present participle, then that's "travende".


Thank you! Ah, so, "Do the horses trot?" is "Traver hestene?" I should have kept it in the same tense! Can you say "Er hestene travende?" or would you ever do that?


Yes, that would be the translation of both "Do the horses trot?" and "Are the horses trotting?".

We wouldn't say "Er hestene travende?" - though it's technically possible. You could, however, refer to "trotting horses" as "travende hester".


So NOW, I had to find out how to say "Are the horses traveling?"... and THEN I had to find out... well, I was hoping for a closed loop of horse actions, but alas...


A closed loop of horse actions is called a "race track".


ok what is the difference between trøtte and trøtt? i am sure there was another question where trøtt was correct instead of the former. help!


We use "trøtte" here because "hestene" is plural.


yes me too. i thought horses are just supposed to work


Trøtt = tired søvnig = sleepy

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