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Reading material to go with lessons.

It would be cool to get book recommendations based on language level. I'm level 11 Spanish, I can't understand hardly any audio because they speak so fast. I can't even understand kids videos on youtube. But... I can read some Spanish news articles, and get the general idea. Maybe if Duolingo had a reading section that matched lessons? I felt discouraged at one point, wondering if I'll be able to use my Spanish after. If I could surf Spanish web, that would be a good start. A list of good websites would be cool.

January 2, 2013



http://freelanguage.org/spanish/learn-spanish-free Lots of links here and it's not just for spanish


Second this. French reading material suggestions to go with language level would be ideal. It's surprisingly difficult to find something that's at your level. Wikipedia foreign language sites work well though.

On the other hand a little advanced reading can be helpful since it introduces new concepts.

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