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Hi everyone,

So, whenever I am doing a lesson in Norwegian and I come across a new word or a confusing phrase, I type it in a word document with it's definition. I find this to be very helpful but, recently, I accidentally exited out on the tab without saving, losing everything.

This now brings me to that little cliffhanger at the top. Will the Norwegian course ever have that list of all the words you have ever learned from each lesson next to the activity stream and home button? I think it would be very useful to review flashcards and I for one would not need to write them down my self.

p.s. I hope that cliffhanger did not disappoint you, I would not call this an interesting discussion and thank you in advance.

August 24, 2015



This is a script I've found somewhere, it gives you your complete Words list in the course:

1) Go to your Norwegian tree on Duolingo ('Home'). 2) Paste the script below in the address bar and press Enter. (alternatively if it doesn't work: save the script to your bookmarks and click the bookmark when on the tree page)

You can then save the whole page or whatever. Sometimes it doesn't work for me properly, usually it does. Hope it works for you :)



This is great, thanks! For me it worked when using the bookmark technique.


I don't know if I did something wrong but google says " your client has issued a malformed or illegal request" (error 400). I would still like to thank you anyway because it looks like you put a lot of time into that message. Here's a lingot.


Make sure you include the "javascript" and the colon in front of it. Otherwise the browser won't understand what you're trying to do.


It will get the "words" section eventually, but probably not "immersion".


Check out this course at Memrise, it looks like the thing you want and even more as it allows you to practice the words. Not sure though if the course is up to date and if it contains all the words from Duolingo exercises.



Tusen takk! That will be very useful in my studies.

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