January 2, 2013



Earlier in this lesson we are taught that "Tor" means "Gate" in English, yet when giving that as an answer to this question, its wrong. A bit more consistency is needed here.

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    The exclamation point puts it in the context of a football (soccer) game. "Gate!" wouldn't make a lot of sense.


    Ok, it makes sense, but "Gate!" would also make sense given the right context. Given that this topic concerns the household, it just seems a bit odd.


    A punctuation mark doesn't give this word any context, unless you know already that it's a word that is used in football.


    I'd yell "Gate!" if I wanted someone to watch where there going, if they were about to strike it for example.


    Or if your best friend's hand slipped out of yours, he started falling from the skyscraper rooftop and his name was 'gate'


    Don't make sense that the translation in Household section of "Tor" it's "Goal", in sports section makes more sense.


    Whyeeee is this in the household section whyeee


    Living in Germany, I've heard more folks yell this at a game than in the street, so I put goal, but context is missing. Perhaps adding a picture would help with things like Tor and Werkstatt.


    I think this website is designed for you to never understand it's word variations so it will keep you longer on it. Thank goodness it's free :)


    I think they designed the web site to put in weird word strings so that you go "what the !!!!" and then remember things better.

    Bet you won't forget either gate or goal after this....


    I think this website is designed to prepare you for translating real-world documents, with all their errors, inconsistencies, quirks, unpredictability, and inscrutability.


    I'm not so sure about the effectiveness of the recording feature. I saw "Tor" and absentmindedly recorded "gate!" That answer was accepted. Then I see the translation is "goal!" Hä?

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      haha, goal is good! cuz I watch some bundesliga

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