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Announcing the Course Content Explorer (and other news)!

It’s here! Fresh out of the oven and just in time for everyone who is excited about going back to teaching. The newest version of Duolingo for Schools is rolling out today to support your routine and add some extra motivation and fun to the classroom.


Course content explorer

Yesssss, this feature is exclusive to educators: you can now see an overview of the entire course and find out what to expect from each skill in advance.

Course content explorer perks
  • A complete list of words that are taught in the skill
  • The estimated time needed to complete the skill
  • Preview three examples of sentences students will be able to understand and produce after completing the skill
  • Grammar tips and notes for trickier skills
  • Sample lesson to have a better idea of the types of exercises your students can expect in each skill (students will see adaptive version when they do it)


”Class Activities + “Flashcards”

A place for you to easily find classroom activities. A new flashcard feature is now available, and it is flexible enough for you to decide how it fits your classroom. How you use it might depend on your device situation, student age, and language levels. Share your ideas in the forum!

New general overview and side column

Much easier to navigate… now teachers have a new overview of each class. From now on, you can see email addresses, usernames, and full names (handy for figuring out who potatosalad589 is).


And in case you missed these features from previous releases, a reminder:

  • Power practice: This smart feature gathers info on student learning and generates a lesson based on the average skill level of the classroom. It’s great for using on projectors, for example.
  • Download CSV: Download classroom data as a spreadsheet for sorting and grading.
  • Restrict social features: Block students enrolled in your classroom from participating in forums, immersion or posting on activity streams.

Happy teaching! =]

August 24, 2015



This is also wonderful for course contributors who want to better visualize our courses and see how many people are using them to teach around the world!


Thank you Vivisaurus!


Hooray! You guys just keep making this better and better!


Thank you, I saw that earlier today. I already made my word list for class!


Thanks! All these changes are great.

A while back, another teacher and I also created a spreadsheet with the contents of the tree in the Spanish course..

Here its is: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xWgqFo6gxyBNGAKUO793KUG-mIfZeRzH9QwojmCDqD4/edit?usp=sharing


How do I replace my personal duolingo acct with teacher account with different email? “Can I replace personal email account with teacher classroom acct on my phone? Can students use their phones with classroom duolingo even if they have already downloaded email as telephone app? Is the...”


Hi! It looks like your message was cut off... You can use the same account as a teacher as you had before, and you can change the email address on your account without losing progress by accessing www.duolingo.com on your browser, signing in, and going to your settings. There is more info on the Duolingo Help page for general Duolingo questions.

Your students should have their own accounts (it's OK if they already had an account, and it is OK if they already had the app), and can keep using it—all that is changing for them is that they are allowing you to track their progress, but they should not notice a difference otherwise. When you create a classroom, all you have to do is send them the link (for example, via email) and they can follow the instructions. Let us know if you have any more questions! :]

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Wow, this looks too great to just keep it behind the curtains (as a school feature)! You did your job very well!


[t]he estimated time needed to complete the skill

...is apparently not a feature (by all means), but just 12 minutes per lesson. Did you use a stop-watch and got a mean of all lessons available in all trees? No, I'm kidding, of course. What did you use as a simple estimation (=how did you get that estimation)?



Is this only for teachers? or not?


It is intended for an instructor to follow a group of people. It was created especially for teachers, but can also be used by parents for example. :]


These are all wonderful additions! I'm excited to see how Duolingo continues to develop as we use it. : ) Is there a way we can see whether or not our students' skills are strengthened up to 100%?


Yes, we will continue to make it better and better! Do you mean if their trees are "golden"?


Quick question, I have created my classroom and was able to copy the invite link and add myself but when my students click on it it simply goes to a blank page with the duolingo banner at the top. I can't seem to add them to the progress tracker, any suggestions?


Hi there, we had a small bug with the invite link on mobile devices, sorry about that! We've fixed the issue and your students should be able to join your classroom now!


Erdnuss, thank you for your efforts. It works like a dream. My classes are up and running. It was just as you suspected, a bug in the mobile link. Keep up the good work and thanks again!


Hi Edster2, they will need to create an account and log in before they can be added.


Greater transparency in what's being learnt, great!


As an educator, how do we get access to this? --Thanks!

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