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  5. "An greann."

"An greann."

Translation:The humor.

August 24, 2015



i thought GREANN meant FUN but marked wrong.


The FGB shows that either meaning is possible, so use the Report a Problem button to bring it to the attention of the course creators.


Go raibh maith agat, Scilling.


Anyone else missing audio on almost all of these?

The little microphone is there, but when you click it nothing happens


Until a couple of months ago, the Irish course only displayed the speaker icon if there was audio available for a particular sentence. But then they tweaked the HTML code that is used for the exercises, and took out the filter that checked to see if there was audio available before they displayed the speaker icon - now the icon is displayed for every Irish to English exercise, whether there is audio or not.

The HTML code for the discussion pages hasn't been updated yet, so it still checks to see if audio is available before displaying the icon, so there is no icon displayed on this page - at least for now, as Duolingo seems intent on breaking all of the tweaks that accommodated languages like Irish that don't use a Text to Speech engine to read the sentences..


I think that can only be humour in the sense of good humour.


You wouldn't use greann to say that someone was "in a good humour".

greann means humour in the sense of "funniness" -"I enjoyed the humour in that film" - Bhain mé taitneamh as an ghreann sa scannán sin.


I put' the humour' most unwillingly on the second attempt because it was the only way to get past it!


Why is "humour" (without "the") not accepted?


I am also missing audio. I also thought "greann" meant "fun" - I reported it.

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