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I'm confused about vez, help please?

Vez can mean time, once and sometimes when a veces. Is it based on context or is there something using just veces? or vecen? Thank you.

3 years ago



veces, mean about time in plural. is like occasion(singular) or occasions(plural).

3 years ago

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una vez = once ("one time") dos veces = twice ("two times") a veces = sometimes ("at times") a la vez = at the same time

If you know French, it's like "fois."

3 years ago


"Vez can mean time, once and sometimes when a veces."

Could you clarify what you meant by this? Are you asking about the difference between "vez and "a veces"? If so,

"vez" (as you already know) means "time", as in una vez = once; dos veces = twice; última vez = last time.

"a veces" = "sometimes"; "at times"

You may find this helpful:


3 years ago