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Coolest sounding language

Everyone has their favorite languages, the ones they prefer to speak and learn. But my question to everyone is this: In your un-biased (If possible) opinion, which language/languages sound the coolest, or the most fancy?

I personally think that French and Japanese sound the coolest.

Leave what you think sounds the coolest below!

August 25, 2015


  1. German
  2. French
  3. Portugese


I think Russian sounds the coolest, but Swedish is definitely easier to learn and speak. Swedish is my favorite language.


I really want to learn French, but i dont think it is the most BEAUTIFUL sounding. I personally loveee itallian, and Swedish/Norwegian


Yeah even though Italian is my learning language and my favorite, for some reason i really like how french sounds


I do think French is pretty, I guess I just have gotten used to it XD


Latin is the coolest sounding language for me, but Hindi, Catalan and Portuguese are up there too. They're so fun to listen to!


I like the way Latvian sounds the best. It's beautiful. Finnish is good too, but I prefer Latvian.


Have a lingot for mentioning Finnish--and heck, have one for Latvian, too. :D


For me, it would be French and Latin.


Agreed, Mandarin.


French is my mother tongue and it never struck me as particularly melodious. I always felt that Italian sounded like magic but I've stumbled into a few Icelandic songs lately. I don't know if it's the lyrics/Language or the music/melody, but Icelandic is now forever known in my mind as a soft haunting chant


I would love to trade my mother tongue (icelandic) with yours. French has something so inherently beautiful that I can't describe. Almost like a gentle brook. It just sounds elegant no matter what you're saying.


I don't know why but I like German. It's very beautiful.

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