"Lui mangia la patata."

Translation:He eats the potato.

January 2, 2013

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I don't understand this. When there is a definite article (i.e. "la") and I translate it as "He eats THE potato." the answer says that "He eats potato." would also have been correct. Now I wrote "He eats potato." and it says that I missed a word. Anyone?


this has a "dirty" double meaning in Italian, be very careful!


lmao came to write this. Native speakers would laugh at this sentence.


My phone auto corrected potato to pirating.... Now I'm down a heart :/


the audio on this doesn't work and you keep marking me wrong!


My classmate entered when i wasn't ready and i failed the test.


Suena como Lui manda la patada hhhh (spanish speakers)


Sarebbe corretto dire:"Lui mangia una patata", oppure "le patate", non LA patata.


When I tried to tap on the words, it didn't connect!


I translated "lui mangia la patata" as "he's eating the potato" and I was told another correct solution would be "he eats the potato". So, are present continuous tense and present tense the same thing?


They have different nuances but they're pretty much interchangeable. Note that "Lui mangia la patata" literally translates to "he eats the potato", while "he's eating the potato" would be the present continuous "lui sta mangiando la patata". You can use it for example it you want to point at someone and say "lui sta mangiando la patata!" (implied emphasis on, "right now!") but if you use a simple present tense you'd be understood just the same.


I had this as a listening question. I thought it was saying what Louis was doing, not 'lui' Would it have been worded differently had been Louis (how could you tell for certain)?


Italians would pronounce the 's' as well, it would sound like 'Loui-ss mangia la patata'


die Sprecherin sagt Patata

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