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"Ŝi estis malsana sed nun estas sana."

Translation:She was sick but now is healthy.

August 25, 2015



If malsana is sick, then what is unhealthy? Would it also be malsana? Like, if I were to say "Eating cake is unhealthy," would I say "Mangxi kukon estas malsana"? Actually, would even use to accusative there?


Googling round, I think a person who is unhealthy is malsana, but an activity or thing that causes ill-health is malsaniga, Mangi kukon estas malsaniga (aŭ malsanige.) Mangi kukon malsanigas.

And yes, the object of a a verb in the infinitive still takes the accusative: it's "he said to call her," not "he said to call she."


The liaison between "estas sana" sounds to me like "eta sana", is this correct that the "s" here in "estas" fades out with the two "s"s together??


No; the first “s” in “estas” isn't really perfect in this audio. It should be as clearly to hear as in “estis.”

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