"Ŝi estis malsana sed nun estas sana."

Translation:She was sick but now is healthy.

3 years ago


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If malsana is sick, then what is unhealthy? Would it also be malsana? Like, if I were to say "Eating cake is unhealthy," would I say "Mangxi kukon estas malsana"? Actually, would even use to accusative there?

3 years ago


Googling round, I think a person who is unhealthy is malsana, but an activity or thing that causes ill-health is malsaniga, Mangi kukon estas malsaniga (aŭ malsanige.) Mangi kukon malsanigas.

And yes, the object of a a verb in the infinitive still takes the accusative: it's "he said to call her," not "he said to call she."

3 years ago

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The liaison between "estas sana" sounds to me like "eta sana", is this correct that the "s" here in "estas" fades out with the two "s"s together??

2 years ago
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