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Is there anyway to disable the "Test out of x skills" checkpoints?

I suspect some students of cheating on these checkpoints to advance faster and gain lots of XP. The only solution i can find is to look at their history and discount XP gained from tests. I'm hoping there is a simpler way.

I have seen that some teachers use Lingots to track students' progress as these can only be gained through doing each lesson. However I have also seen that discouraged due to 'Lingot begging' in the forums.

August 25, 2015



Right now teachers cannot disable checkpoints. They have been there to allow language learners to advance to their level and not have to do parts of the skill tree that are too easy for them. However, it is an interesting proposal since some educators might be interested in setting the pace for their students.


Neither XP nor lingots are a good way to track progress. I've seen suggestions that assigning specific lessons or skills is more effective.


I agree, and on that note, I wonder if a student account should not be different than an amateur account. I dislike that the order of skills in the tree does not conform well at all to many curricula, but if it did, assigning specific skills to work on and have strengthened would be very nice. Is there a way to have students indicate whether they are using duolingo as part of a course and then allow the teacher of that course to assign the skills in an order that better suits their course?



I have requested this in the Educator Network and it doesn't appear that anything has been done... I also proposed several other things that would really help practically in a classroom and it seems to get ignored. That's why I haven't participated in the Educator Network lately.

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