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Grammar cheatsheet and reference document

Hi, everyone!

Maybe someone has compiled a print-friendly document with Bokmål grammar cheat sheets? Something like Tips and Notes following this course exercises put all together in one document. I would print some of them and put somewhere where I can regularly see them.

Also, I would use it as a reference book, because exercise notes are all scattered between different "skills", so finding some particular article is not always convenient. And the notes are not available in Duolingo Android app. That said, the notes themselves are very nice, they are brief and neat.

Alternatively, can someone please recommend a nice website with Bokmål grammar references optimized for beginner learners?

August 25, 2015



Check out the NTNU grammar reference sheet listed in the Welcome External Resources post that's stickied on this forum.

edit: http://www.hf.ntnu.no/now/hardcopies/ShortGrammar.pdf


Tusen takk! This is very helpful.


Bare hyggelig!


Tusen Takk Venn :)

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