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Suggestion: Local TTS feature implementation

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Hello, I've been using duolingo for a few months and I would like an option to integrate other TTS than the default Google(I'm not sure though...if it's Google or not) one. I'm mostly doing the lessons on my android and I've already paid for several TTS engines, which sound a lot more smoother than the default one. I'm mostly using my android to read ebooks and I always had the freedom to choose what kind of voices I'd like. As Moon+ reader or Cool reader did. I would like to request a separate TTS entry feature for the duolingo app, thank you. As I play duolingo at least 2 hours per day, a glitchy voice sometimes make my ears cringe and I became unable to keep going on. (Especially when they say <sub>~</sub> rice). And again, no offense to anybody. Thank you for your consideration.

4 years ago