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Gaeilge Tamagotchi

August 25, 2015



A great article from one of the most outspoken champions of Irish. The comments aren't to be missed, either - loads of spirited debate (of course), and some excellent Irish reading practice to be found there.


I am curious as to which Irish term of endearment he’d translated as “ducky wuck”. Lacha can also be translated as “comely girl” (undoubtedly related to the adjective lachanta) — would the diminutive lachín be used as an endearment? Would the “wuck” part have come from another word that rhymes with lacha (or lachín)?


I think people should be aware that it's actually a plug for an event at the Dublin Fringe Theatre Festival, so the piece shouldn't be read too literally :-), even if the writer is indeed serious about the future of the Irish language.

It's interesting to note that one of his example words "sceidhtéir (a capricious muppet)" demonstrates the dynamism of languages - "muppet" is a new word, and has only taken on the particular hint of derision that he intends in Ireland and the UK. I don't think that speakers of American English will quite catch his meaning!


Luckily those of us outside of the term’s native range can find guidance. ;*)


. . . and to add complexity I wonder if the derision in "he's a complete muppet" comes from the similarity of the words muppet and moppet, meaning rag doll?

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