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Norwegian Dialect Problem!

Norwegian is an amazing language and as I had stated I'm planning to learn it in the future,but there is a big problem with the dialects.I mean,there is no standard SPOKEN norwegian but only WRITTEN.So,if we visit Norway,how can we communicate with the locals since there is no standard spoken Norwegian?We are learning languages to talk to other people not only online,but on LIFE too.So?

August 25, 2015



Pronounce it as written. It's the safest option for you. It's not like we can't recognize our own language :p


If you're going to Oslo, you'll be just fine with bokmål =) In other places? I'm sure you'll do just fine too. Majority of Norwegians are really tolerant and will always do anything to understand you. Especially if you're trying. Lykke til!


Even though Duolingo is a great tool for learning it would be foolish to think that going through one course will make you fluent in a new language, be it Danish or Norwegian. There are other online courses available to widen your basic knowledge. Norwegians will most likely understand you just fine, if you speak the spoken version of bokmål these online courses use. You might not be able to understand their dialect right away, but I'm sure they will adjust to your accent and skill level. Through immersion it should get a lot easier to understand the local dialect, if you actually visit Norway. Internet is full of other resources to learn more. You can get used to dialects listening to radio and podcasts, watching TV and movies, reading news, following blogs etc. Maybe you can even find a native speaker to practice with.

If you want to learn more about pronunciation there are a lot of free instruction videos in youtube. Norwegian teacher Karin and learn Norwegian naturally should get you started. Also check out teaandtoastify and AmeriNorge for culture related videos.

There is also this site where you can practice dialects. I haven't used it though so I don't know how good it is. You will pick one dialect as your main learning dialect, but it also allows you to compare to others.

Norwegians speak excellent English so hitting a wall with Norwegian shouldn't be a problem, unless it is a bilingual one. Bigger vocabulary will make it easier to find a way around the blank moments.


Shouldn't really bother to even consider learning norwegian dialects.

Where I am from, we speak a dialect which absolutely no one understands. If I travel more than 20 km, I will have to change many words.

exampes: hva-høtt, hvilken-høssen, hvor-hørr snakke-rø. (and these are not even the strangest words)

My dialect is of course amongst the most extreme cases in norwegian. Luckily, everyone understands, and can speak Bokmål. (also there are two standard written norwegian languages, the other one being Nynorsk, however most of norwegians do not understand this one fully).

So my main point being that, if you learn this norwegian, you will be able to communicate with all norwegian speakers. This is also usually the "dialect" norwegians speaking very strange dialects will resort to when speaking to other norwegians.


thanks for this amazing iformation :)

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