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  5. "He does not drink oil."

"He does not drink oil."

Translation:Han drikker ikke olje.

August 25, 2015



I'm not surprised, nobody just drinks oil.


What about robots?


Why does it say "Translation: Han drikker ei olje." for this sentance?


Ikke = ei. But that's not very common, ikke is the preferred negation for most people.

(A famous citation from the Ibsen play Peer Gynt: Åse says= Peer, du lyver! (Peer, you are lying!) Peer says= Nei, jeg gjør ei (No, I am not). But it's written in 1867)


Just checking here; is drikker the continuous form of the verb? So wouldn't is also mean 'He is not drinking oil'? If not then how do you say that? Oh and is drikke the continuous form of the verb then?


In Norwegian, there's only the one present tense. It's not continuous or simple, but covers both.


I confuse the ikke is before or after the verb


From what I understand, it can be either before or after the object - "Han drikker ikke olje" or "Han drikker olje ikke". Maybe you can put it before the verb "Han ikke drikker olje" but I don't know.

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