"Вони шукають жіночий одяг."

Translation:They are looking for women's clothing.

August 25, 2015

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"Clothing" not accepted?...


I have to reiterate Andriymv's comment regarding "clothing."


All I could hear was оєм, stangely. Is the г still pronounced like an English h when it comes at the end of the word?


I'd say it is even more like English "h" here, because normally English "h" is a devoiced sound. Maybe a bit harsher in Ukrainian. In words like "година" the Г represents a voiced consonant, so it does not correspond exactly to the (modern) English sound denoted by "h". Though, in the distant past English used to have such a sound. :)


I have definitely heard it pronounced as an unvoiced consonant in a word like година. I have never been to the Ukraine itself, but it is pronounced that way by many emigrés in Chicago and New York.

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