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  5. "Ein Mädchen isst Hähnchen."

"Ein Mädchen isst Hähnchen."

Translation:A girl eats chicken.

January 2, 2013



Why use "ein" and not "eine"? It says Mädchen is a neuter noun, i thought Mädchen was fem?

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@danielaraiza : In the German language genders are given in an arbitrary way, that is, real world genders do not match grammatical genders. Yes, a girl is biologically feminine, but considering German grammar the word is neuter = das Mädchen. Hope that helps.


Actually, I think for words that denote biological entities that have a gender, generally (but not always) the grammatical gender is the same as the biological gender. HOWEVER, diminutive words are neuter. Diminutive words generally end on "chen". So Mädchen means a "little Mäd", although that word doesn't exist AFAIK. There is also the word "Mädel" (maid), but surprisingly it is also neuter.

The same you have with "Hänchen" (little cock), diminutive of "Hahn" (cock) which is masculine.


"Hähnchen" does not seem to have the correct pronunciation


I agry, I sounds different from what is written


It rhymes. Almost. -


I learned Hühn in Austria...is that just an Austrian thing?


Maybe! :) cause they are so close. I mean, since österreich deutsch und schweiz (Austria German and Swiss) are close together, the three have Deutsch as one of their language.


Hähnchen = hoynhen? dafuq?


of course this is a mistake: 'ist' is the third person form of the verb 'sein' (to be), but 'isst' is the the third person form of the verb 'essen' (to eat). In fact I was commenting on the use of 'Hahnchen' and 'Huhnchen'. a German - Arabic dictionary said both are correct, but Duolingo said Hahnchen is only correct. Any comments on this?


No,it isn't ,dear Blitzoid, otherwise why does Duolingo provide the meanings of every word used in their questions?? besides, I am NOT testing my language, I am just brushing it up


Interesting that speakers use a diminutive when referring to the animal prepared as food. In Farsi, they say "djudje kabaab" for chicken meat cut into little squares, and djudje refers to the chick, not the adult bird. But chicken not so cut up is just morgh, the same whether it is food or running around.


When would Mädchen be girls and when would it be girl? I wrote the girls are eating chicken. I know I messed up but I don't know how.


The website didn't see my error that 'ein' means 'a' instead of 'the'


I believe "the girls" would translate as "die Mädchen".


ein is the neuter word for a, since Madchen is neuter in the grammatical case das=ein and die=eine


Is "young lady" an unacceptable translation of Mädchen? This site is excellent at accepting cognates, but that one didn't fly.

Girl, I think, is younger than young lady or young woman? Is that wrong? My mind goes directly to (similar) maiden, which I know is not great when trying to learn a language. But maiden and "young woman" are the same.



I tried multiple times, but still failed to comprehend the last word (Hähnchen) because of the bloody speaker's pronunciation >:(


A girl is chicken


thats the same thing I heard lol, wrote that one and it passed as 'almost correct'


I pressed the speak button, then the phone slipped and fell out of my hand. It marked that correct. Is this a common problem or something that someone should note? It's happened twice now.

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