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"Ma mère et lui sont frère et sœur."

Translation:He and my mother are siblings.

January 2, 2013



Why is it not 'un frère et une soeur'? I thought in French you need an article for pretty much everything. 'frère' and 'soeur' are nouns, aren't they?


Why "lui" instead of "il" if it's a subject?


It is "lui" instead of "il" because there are two subjects: "ma mére" and "lui".

Read this for more information: http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/pronouns_stressed.htm


Good link. Thank you.


i don't understand this sentence!


Does anyone know why the order of the subjects is different in the French?

  • English: My mother and he
  • French: He and my mother


Yes, I wondered about that, since on other occasions I was marked wrong when I switched the subjects. The vagaries of French I suppose!


They accepted that for me. But, Ma mère and lui.....Why is it not "il" since it is part of the subject of the sentence. Doesn't the subject take nominative case in French?


Why not 'my mother and him are brother and sister'


Because in English "him" is the objective form of "he" and in this sentence "he" is part of the subject. See the link in makiminami's message above for a good explanation of the French use of this pronoun.


Yes, but it's normal colloquial English, heard and spoken more often than the "correct" subjective form.


Sad but true. It's on par with saying "They and us are going to a movie", or "Give the book to I and him".


Would French really use "lui" in this case?


Well Blanchefleure, that link rocked my solid English grammar education. "toi et lui" as multiple subject. !!! OK, I accept that French is just different.


My question about this is different. I actually got "lui" correct, but I answered "...sont soeur et frere" and got it counted wrong. Must "frere" come first for some reason? Isn't it more logical for the order to follow the order of the subjects ("mere" is the "soeur" and "lui" is the "frere")? (I realize, of course, that languages don't follow mathematical logic!)

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