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  5. "Moren din har en restaurant."

"Moren din har en restaurant."

Translation:Your mother has a restaurant.

August 25, 2015



That's a really ineffective "Yo mamma" joke


Stylistic tip: If you want to tell a “yo mamma“ joke, you should use the form “mora di” instead of “moren din”.


And I eat at that restaurant every night! Oohhhhh dissss


Do I have a hearing issue or the pronounciation that I hear for restaurant is "restaurang"? Like in "balkong"


I heard it too. "Restaurang" is actually "restaurant" in Swedish if you didn't know, so maybe they were once spelled the same and Norwegian has simply retained the pronunciation and changed the spelling? Or maybe the other way round, who knows? Certainly not me! Swedish also has other words like sound like Norwegian words but are spelled differently e.g. "dig"/"deg". Another example of spelling retention and pronunciation change, or vice versa.


Its because its a loan word from French, and its closer to the pronunciation. They keep the spelling.


Is 'restaurant' pronounced 'resturang'?


Yes. Some words that are borrowed from French, are going to be pronounced more closely to the French pronunciation, but keep the spelling. So it might be weird(er) when you see 'the restaurant', which is pronounced 'restaurangen' but not spelled that way!

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