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"Zou hij het voor mij hebben gedaan?"

Translation:Would he have done it for me?

August 25, 2015



Could this sentence mean: "Would he have done it in front of me?"? Thanks!


In theory it could mean that, but it is a bit unnatural and unclear, and the stress would have to be heavily on the word 'voor' to make you even think of that meaning.


I wonder whether "Would he have it done for me" also proper english


That sentence is proper English, but has a different meaning. To do something means you do it yourself. So "would have done it for me?" is asking if he would actually do the thing. To have something done means someone else is doing it because you want them to.

Another example:

"I painted it" means I am the one who did the painting. "I had it painted" means someone else did it because I wanted them to. (I probably paid them to do it.)


That can be true but not always. e.g. "I started the painting in October and I had it painted by the end of the year". Implies you did it yourself.

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