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"Jag har redan länge gått vid din sida."

Translation:I have already for a long time walked by your side.

August 25, 2015



Really klunky English


Yah, that's a really weird translation. Nobody would use that


This sentence just doesn't work in English. It should be taken off.


I wrote: "I already have walked by your side for a long time" and got faulted.


"I have already for a long time walked by your side" is such awkward English, nobody would say it like that. I have already walked by your side for a long time makes much more sense.
It would also make sense with commas - I have already, for a long time, walked by your side. But i guess duolingo doesn't check grammar... :/


horrible sentence


It just doesn't make any sense!


Why did Bergman use 'Redan' here instead of 'Sedan'?

Jag har sedan länge gått vid din sida / 'I've walked alongside you for a long time' / 'I've been walking alongside you for a long time' seems to get the point across just fine? I'm sure there's some granular difference I'm just not understanding.

Jag har redan [gjort det]. Gjort vad? Länge gått vid din sida.

I dunno. I can't wrap my head around the concept of "Redan Länge".


Isn't "I have already for a long time been walking by your side" a better translation here? Or am I missing something?


That makes far more sense. Unless it's a dog talking to its owner.


It's not a dog who's talking, but an even more faithful companion – Death:

It's from the Ingmar Bergman movie The Seventh Seal, this youtube clip was here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4yXBIigZbg


Wow, did you create this screen shot? If so, have a lingot! If not, please give it back.


Lol not much of an effort to screen shot what someone uploaded to YouTube, not giving anything back though ;D


The effort is instead found in becoming a master ingmar bergman scholar


This is one of my favourite films. Death cheats.


The quote on the screen shot is certainly more typical English phrasing. The awkwardness of the given translation made we assume it was a much older quote than from the Seventh Seal. (Wonderful flick by the way!)

[deactivated user]

    No one would ever say it this way in English


    Nope, nope, nope. The default English translation is incorrect, and the correct version gets rejected. Shame.


    Should be i have walked by your side for a ling time already, right?

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