"This is our profession."

Translation:Is é seo ár bproifisiún.

August 25, 2015

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could you not say "seo é ár bproifisiún" ?

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You can, and the é is also not mandatory and in particular, it would be omitted in Ulster Irish. I haven't read about it in detail yet (see here in the German version of GnaG. The old English version doesn't have that), but apparently the meaning isn't exactly the same… the short form Seo (é) ár bproifisiún. has a stronger indicative nature (for example for introducing something or someone, I think), whereas the long form, Is é seo ár bproifisiún. would rather be used to determine/differentiate something or someone (the example that is given there is Is é seo an múinteoir. = This (this one and not that one) is the teacher.). But Duo doesn't accept them :(


Why isn't there another e after seo?


This type of copular statement, with an demonstrative third-person pronoun as the complement, doesn’t need any subcomplement. If the sentence were instead “It is our profession”, where the third-person pronoun was not demonstrative, then “our profession” would be the complement and a subcomplement would be needed: Is é ár bproifisiún é.


A subpredicate isn't needed after seo.


Is there any way to determine from the Irish if the English sentence is "This is our profession" or "Our profession is this"?


Yes — “Our profession is this” (or “This is our profession”, with spoken stress) would use an emphatic pronoun, e.g. Is eisean ár bproifisiún, while the neutral ”This is our profession” uses a demonstrative pronoun, Is é seo ár bproifisiún.


I keep thinking Irish syntax is more elastic than it actually is. No dialect will allow you to say: "Is ár bproifisiún é seo," is that correct?


I'd say that sounds more natural to me too (ulster Irish, not a native speaker, but fairly fluent years ago). Can't back it up with academic terminology or anything, it just feels "righter"! Though I'd have used the lenited "phroifisiún" rather than the eclipsed "bproifisiún"

Still marked wrong though!


Even in Ulster Irish, the plural possessives (ár, bhur and a="their") eclipse.


I'm still struggling with word order with the copula... We first learnt word order in sentences such as "Is bean í", but here the pronoun is right after "is". Could someone please explain the difference?


There is a difference between a classification statement ("X is a Y") and an identification statement ("X is the Y"). A possessive adjective like mo or ár acts like a definite article (you are identifying a specific Y), so this exercise is an identification statement, whereas is bean í is a classification statement.


Oh I see! Thanks a lot!


Can someone please tell me why 'profession' is eclipsed ?


The plural possessive adjectives ár (our), bhur (your) and a (their) all cause eclipsis.


I was struggling with understanding why Mo and An weren't causing eclipsis, since I feel like they do in other words. This is really helpful, thank you!


Is "Ár bproifisiún is ea seo" an acceptable translation?


why not 'Is linne proifisiún é seo' ?


Even the grammatically correct Is linne an proifisiún seo has a slightly different meaning - "this profession is ours" rather than "this is our profession".

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