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  5. "Do you drink juice and milk?"

"Do you drink juice and milk?"

Translation:Ви п'єте сік і молоко?

August 25, 2015



Can anyone explain why п'єтє has the apostrophe, and isn't just written пєтє? If the answer is "because that's the way it is", that's okay too. just wondering what the reason is.

Also, is the apostrophe acting like a ь (мягкий знак) like in Russian пьете?


The apostrophe is acting like a ъ (твёрдый знак). And, no, the explanation is rather simple: it is just how Ukrainian works.

Apparently, all labial consonants (м, б, п, в, ф) almost require this "hard sign" before я, ї, є, ю (except when they are preceded by a voiced consonant inside the root; doesn't work if it is a prefix ending in a voice consonant), and р (in certain cases). There are rules that you may read up later :).


What is the difference between ви and ти?


Ви is plural and formal form. Ти is singular. Its like in french the tu/vous or in spanish tù/vosotros


Why is "Ви п'ю сік та молоко?" not marked as a correct translation?


It is not marked as correct because it is incorrect. The appropriate form can bee seen in the main translation (above).

English got rid of its singular "thou", with only "you" left to work or both.


Because with п'ю means I am drinking, you singular - п'еш...

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