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  5. "Turn in this direction."

"Turn in this direction."

Translation:Turnu vin en ĉi tiun direkton.

August 25, 2015



So, just to be clear, I'm turning a car or something here, right? Because if I was just turning myself around it would be "Turnu sin en cxi tiun direkton", right?

Come to think of it, with the "en", should "direkto" even have the "-n" ending?


Yes, you're correct, you're turning another object in this case.

He turned the car = Li turnis la aŭton

He turned towards the north = Li turnis sin norden

And yes, en + -n because of the movement implied with turni.


Ah, thanks. I was confusing "en" with "al" with regard to its directional effects.

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