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What can we expect for the final Ukrainian course?

I know in the Spanish and French courses, for example, it gives a fluency percentage. There is also an Immersion section, and you can translate documents and webpages within the app. Can we expect anything similar in the final Ukrainian course? Also, will we see the course increase in size at all? I could think of several lessons I would like to see in the course, but I don't know the feasibility of incorporating them into the final if they aren't already in the Beta. Good job with the course. I have really enjoyed making Ukrainian the first think I do in the morning everyday for the past two months. STEW

August 25, 2015



They probably won't add anything like that. The course will be out of beta once the bugs have been removed and they receive less error reports. Things like fluency percentage and immersion will likely not be added to courses from this point.


Can't guarantee Immersion, sorry. Unless you want to use one of those special browser scripts.

As for the new skills, what are your suggestions? What branches would you like to see growing on this tree?


Just a couple of ideas for new lessons: "Household" How do you say things like "Turn on the light" or "lock the door", sink, faucet, diapers, and so on. When I moved overseas I needed light bulbs, but had no idea how to ask for them. I think a few items from the household could be really helpful for those planning on using Ukrainian in their daily lives.

"Grocery store" I know in Bulgarian, meats have different names than the animals they came from. Maybe you need some flour, or pepper, or a shopping cart. This was essential when I moved overseas, and my knowledge of it was weak.

"Emergency situation" Maybe your house catches on fire, how do you tell the 911/112 operator that? Maybe you were in a car accident, or something like that. Or your car has broken down.

Remember, these are just thoughts and are not completely developed at all. And I realize the goal of the course in not complete fluency, so I don't expect that. Just wanted to see if any of this is feasible in the medium-long term. Thanks for entertaining my question and thanks again for all the hard work.


Household routines definitely has been overlooked. Food is there, we included the most common ones since it is a huge topic. Safety issues.. Well, reporting accidents requires higher describing and narrating skills, I guess. Maybe just some very basic phrases could have been included. We do have Help! in a bonus skill.


I would love to see immersion but I heard it will only be available for the original Duolingo languages (Spanish, German, French, etc.). All I can do is watch Ukraine's got Talent or anything Ukrainian (I'm working on listening skills)


Any of the course developers want to chime in on this?


And can we please get correct answers while not using personal pronouns? Ukrainians don't use "я/ти/вони" in every sentence...the Spanish course allows you to omit them in almost all cases.


Actually we usually have at least one pronoun in a sentence :/ It's like in a Spanish or Polish where it's really encouraged to omit pronouns, we do use them, we just may occasionally leave them out. You would sound really strange omitting most of them

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