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  5. "Lei ci sarebbe stata."

"Lei ci sarebbe stata."

Translation:She would have been there.

October 27, 2013



Why "ci?" Why not "li," or "la," both of which I would have much more readily understood to mean "there?" Lei li sarebbe stata... And how did this "ci" come to mean seemingly everything that something else doesn't mean? Isn't "us" enough?


"she would have agreed" is also plausible here. As in "starci", i.e. "stay with [something]" which means to agree to go along with something.


I understand that "ci" can mean either there or us, so how would I say "she would have been us"? Lei sarebbe stata come noi??


i'm no native English, and I can't really understand what "she would have been us" means... the Italian sentence you've written means "she would have been like us".


Lei CI sarebbe stata is different from "lei sarebbe stata" (which wouldn't mean anything). It generally means that she would have been there/she would have agreed, but I wouldn't use this sentence too much, as it is generally used in a very sexual way.. (something like "she would have agreed to do something sexual with me")


Although from my experience, 60% of anything you can say in italian has a sexual connotation (try saying that you love birds if you dare :P) so maybe best to embrace the confusion and go 100% in ^_^


This sentence adds confusion. Would've been nice if when we were first exposed to the Italian "Ci" we would've been given practice sentences that used "Ci" to mean "there". Instead they wait until we are learning a totally different lesson to expose us to the different usage of the Italian "Ci". This seems to be a common theme with the Italian course and it does nothing but frustrate the learners.


I, too, wonder why/if this couldn't be "Lei sarebbe stata lì." When do you know you have to use "ci" for there and why is it placed before the verb? I guess I better go back and study "ci" in more detail. :)


I put "She would have stayed here" (as in, slept here for the night) and it said I was wrong and it should have been "She would have been here", but in certain contexts I would say those are interchangeable..?

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