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Gréat Néws for thé Norwégian Coursé!

We are happy to announce that é has been added as a special character button to the website version of the Norwegian course. This means that words like the following can be typed without the need of a special keyboard or keystrokes:

  • én meaning one
  • idé meaning idea
  • allé meaning avenue
  • komité meaning committee
  • kafé meaning cafe

Thank you to the wonderful Duolingo developers for making this possible!

Vi snakkes!

~ Det norske laget ~

August 25, 2015



I started Norwegian today, so excited!


Hey, me too! Good luck to you. ;)


Remember that the acute accent is often (but not always) optional. You can write "idé" or "ide", "allé" or "alle" and "kafé" or "kafe". In these cases, it's also optional with the plural forms as well: "ideer", "alleer" and "kafeer".

The accent is generally required in proper nouns like "André" or "Linné".


Veldig godt nyheter! =) Tusen takk!


Bare hyggelig!

Man kan si: en veldig god nyhet eller veldig gode nyheter.


Just a quick explanation: "Veldig gode nyheter" is the correct version because "nyheter" is plural. Adjectives are the same for plurals, regardless of gender. It doesn't matter if the noun is definite or indefinite.


Åh... Eg kan allerede gjøre dette på telefone min men det é fortsatt viktig for ikkje-telefon brukere.

Og! É det mulig å få fler nerd setninger? Eg ville like å se noen Star Wars eller Sagan Om Ringen setninger owo


Is there a way to access the special characters on the pc without using the mouse?


Using a keyboard layout with dead keys. That means you can press first ´, then e, and get an é.


Momo, my go-to for this is US-International, but that might not be applicable if you're some where else.


Thank you, I have US-International and I also know how to type those letters using ASCII commands but I thought it would be god if I could get to the letters shown under the text (those that I can click on with the mouse) by using Ctrl+down or something like that. Thanks anyway.


Well.. then you might as well use the alt codes ;-)


Totally agree. Thank you.


I used to write just often enough using French words that I memorized Alt+0233. éééé!

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The accent can be omitted from all of these words. It is only mandatory for geographical names and people's names, so both 'crème fraîche' and 'creme fraiche' are correct, but only 'Genève', not 'Geneve'.


It still would be nice if the accents under the lessons could be accessed by pressing a certain key combination rather than goint to the mouse.


Will it be added to the app soon?


Hi, on almost any mobile phone or tablet you can long-press the appropriate letters to get a pop-up that provides alternative characters. Long-press a for å and æ, and long-press o for ø. A long press on e should bring up é.

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