"Sofia, what is the address of your home?"

Translation:Sofia, kio estas la adreso de via hejmo?

August 25, 2015

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I assume this is so that you learn vocabulary etc. but I feel like the sentence is a bit redundant. Sofia, kio estas via adreso? should suffice, surely?


She could also have an office address.


Yes, I did think of this but without context, the default position of '[possessive] address' is home - at least in (U.K.) English.


Yes, but since this sentence is without context, we don't know its context, thus it very well could be in a business context and someone is asking where to send a package, for example.


I'm saying without context you would default to the sense of a home address in English. At any rate, 'home address' is more natural English (U.K.).


Same in English (U.S.)


These interogatives (I hope that is the correct word) are giving me fits!

I thought that "Kiu" would be the correct word. As in "[What one] is your address." Of all the addresses which one is yours?


"Kiu" is which or who. "Kio" is what. So "Kiu estas la adresso de via hejmo?" would be "Which is the address of your home?"

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