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"Pigen er ikke i stand til at drikke mere."

Translation:The girl is unable to drink anymore.

August 26, 2015



OK, does this mean she is permanently unable to drink or that she is done drinking for now? 'Anymore' in English carries permanence, like 'any longer'; 'any more' is a temporary condition. 'I don't drink anymore' certainly means that one has given up alcohol; 'I don't drink any more' is technically correct but never used by native speakers; it would be 'I won't drink any more' if the meaning is 'I've had enough'.


The Danish sentence can mean both of your suggestions. I think it is more 'natural' to understand the sentence as a temporary condition (maybe because that would be a more frequent situation). Thus you would change the situation if you wanted to imply the permanent situation to something like this:

Pigen vil aldrig være i stand til at drikke længere/igen


I disagree that "anymore" carries permanence. It depends on context.


Anymore is temporal. "Any more" is quantitative.


Pigen er ikke i stand til at drikke mere fordi hun er fuld!


Any more is two words here. Anymore is a time word and any more is quantity.


Would 'not capable' instead of 'not able' not also be correct?


Too many glasses of wine would do, right girl? Now dont pass out we still have to watch the fireworks

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