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GERMAN TREE completed :)

Finally I finished my tree.It's taken me almost one year. It's a great feeling to accomplish your goal. But I still have troubles to write in German. I would like to wirte these simple senteces in German but there is no ability. So if anyone know a website for chatting in German with native speakers, I'll be grateful to recommend. Vielen Dank für Hilfe ^_^

August 26, 2015



Lang-8.com is a good website to find native speakers, but if you have an iPhone (and I'm sure it's on Android) you can download an app called Hello Talk.


I've signed up this website. It seems it would help me so much. Vielen Dank. Take a Lingot for this awesome website bro :)


Du hast sehr gut gemacht! Ich biete dir meinen Lingot an.


Vielen Dank für den Lingot :)


Congratulations! Finishing the German Tree is an accomplishment to be proud of!


Thanks man. Hope you achieve that soon :D


There's a website called mixup. It works through Skype and you can find a German speaker that is learning English.


Thank you so much. I'll take a look.


Das ist eine großartige Leistung! Dont forget: Übung macht den Meister! :-)


Congratulations! Keep up the great work! I finished the tree a while ago, and now I am working on the Reverse Tree. It is quite helpful, since most of the users are German. I recommend at least trying it out. Congrats again!


Congrats to you too, man. It sounds a great idea. I think I'll do it soon. Vielen Dank!!


Congratulations! If i understood your problem correctly, you just need to search in google "Virtual German Keyboard" after you find it. you will be able to chat in german :)




I finished my German tree a couple months ago and I still have problems writing and making sure I use the proper case... practice makes perfect, I hope! And congratulations on your completed tree.


I have a BA in German and I still have trouble getting cases right (which is why I'm going through the Duolingo tree right now). You're not the only ones!


congratulatios man :). But till when still we have problems writing ? :D


gospeaky.com is great because its free and you can view profiles before adding people. You can also live chat and have video and audio calls.


Ich weiß es. Es ist eine tolle Webseite. Vielen Dank für deine Helfe.


Hilfe ? because I think that you are making reference to the noun, but I could be wrong... So, I dont think that is "helfe" but HILFE


Das ist schon ganz gut, es sind noch ein paar kleine Fehler drin, aber man versteht gut was du/sie sagen willst/wollen :).

This is already pretty good, there are still some minor mistakes, but it is very easy to understand what you want to tell.

@VictorLJ: Ja "Hilfe" währe das richtige Wort gewesen. - Yes "Hilfe" would have been the correct word.


Vielen Dank. I'll take a look.


Much congratulations. I just finished the German tree myself a few days ago.


CONGRATULATIONS man :). Take a lingot :D


Congrats, that is a good effort. I am making my way there too. Kartoffeln sind gut.


Thanks. Hope you do it soon :)


Congrats Man... I get confidence from people like you


your nice words mean so much to me really :) Vielen Dank.

[deactivated user]

    Yay! I just reached level 5 yesterday. I'm hoping to make a trip to Germany (and France) later next year. So exciting you finished your tree!


    thanks. Hope you finish it soon :) I wanna go with you in your trip in Germany :D


    haha thanks Miss awesome :D


    Oh sorry :) So thanks Girl :D


    Congratulations! You said that it took you almost one year to finish the German tree. Would that be at 10 minutes a day? I'm just wondering because I'm doing the tree now. duoLingo ist toll!


    Unfortunately I hat to stop alot of times because of my medical studies and sometimes a break was lasting more than three months. So after each break I used to compensate this wasting time almost one hour a day. I guess if you continue as just 15 a day, you will finish the tree in half a year " without a break :D ". Hope you do it soon and sorry for my bad English :)


    Thank you for the information. I am not in a hurry. I would rather go slowly and learn it well. Vielen neuen Worten fur mich.


    Congratulations! Try those websites: http://www.interpals.net/ - it's main goal isn't language exchange, but half of the community (at least from what I have seen) looks for language partners ;) https://www.italki.com/ - quite an amazing website entirely focused on languages. I think it's what you are looking for!


    Vielen Dank man :) I'll take a look right now.


    unfortunately as soon as you finish, every lesson begins to degrade rapidly and you need to spend a large amount of time keeping up with the lessons. they claim they are 4/5 done, but you need to do almost half the exercises again... and again ... does not feel like 4/5.


    You are totally right. That's why I'm doing my best to make all the tree gold.


    Ich habe auch den Baum kompleiert obwohl mein Deutsch nicht so gut ist.

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