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"I am a man and I drink water."

Translation:Ben erkeğim ve su içerim.

August 26, 2015



Just to clarify, you wouldn't be able to say just 'Ben erkek ve su içerim', would you? Or does the rule of not having to repeat suffixes for an unchanging subject within the same phrase not apply here, since 'erkeğim' is an adjective and 'içerim' is a verb?


I am pretty sure your intuition is correct, but it would be great if a native speaker could confirm this. :)

[deactivated user]

    Yes, that is true :)


    So the correct answer here should be "Ben erkek ve su içerim" and not "Ben erkeğim ve su içerim", is that true?


    What is the difference between erkek and adam


    "Adam" refers to an individual and can also mean "guy"

    "erkek" is used to distinguish gender and can also mean "male"


    I put " Ben bir adam ve ben su içerim" and got it wrong, why? Could someone please tell me?


    this sentence this is me

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