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Fix a mistake / half a heart

Hi everyone,

I notice that I have never had the opportunity to fix a mistake in exchange of half a heart, even when the mistakes I make are of this type. I loose a heart and I go the the next question when other friends that are following the same level as me have the opportunity to fix the problem... could it be possible? is there any way to change this setting? thank you very much.

October 27, 2013



Currently, we're testing this feature only on a random sample of the students. We may give it to everybody in a week or two if the test is successful.


You don't actually get half a heart, right? It's more a way to correct yourself to remember something better.


In one of the conditions you do get half a heart.


I like it. By making corrections you can make 5 mistakes before failing the lesson on the 6th. Before the half hearts it was 3 mistakes and you're done.


Thank you very much for your quick answer!


Why was this experiment stopped? It sounds like a really great idea. I'm really missing the possibility to correct myself.

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