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  5. "Desarrolla eso."

"Desarrolla eso."

Translation:Develop that.

January 2, 2013



"Develop that" is imperative; this is a lesson in present indicative, so "You develop that" should be accepted.


I think that you are right.


This is just another disgusting instance of springing something on us , out of nowhere, without any prior explanation! I'm so discouraged!


Desarrolle is the 3rd person imperative form of desarollar. Desarrolla is 3rd person present tense. So, it's not the imperative. You can say ''Develop that'' without it being a command. Perhaps this is just a polite request to someone to ''Develop that''? Hard to know as it stands w/o the benefit of context.


Are you sure for desarrolar? The imperative affirmative is, desarrolla (tú) made with 3rd pers indicative presente sing.. and desarrolle (ella), desarrolemos (nosotros), desarrollad (vosotros), desarrollen (ellos) , But in a negative sentence, you have to use subjonctive present to form imperative, negative. desarroles, desarrole, desarrollemos, (with no) etc. http://conjugueur.reverso.net/conjugaison-espagnol-verbe-desarrollar.html


The English sentence ("Develop that") is imperative, the Spanish sentence ("Desarrolla eso") is present tense. That difference (imperative vs. present) is what I'm talking about.


You can say, ella desarrolla eso, she develops that, indicative present. You can also say, desarrolla eso, (tú) imperative, for develop that. Without the context, how can we know for sure. In the link Reverso, it says desarrolla tú. I don't understand why you say that the sentence in Spanish is present tense, because in imperative , it's written the same way in reverso. Please someone, explain that to me.


I think of something. In Duolingo, they always put the pronoun in the sentence in Spanish, so I think, if the sentence would have been in ipresent of ndicative, they would have written : Ella desarrolla eso.


Develop--in what sense? Develop film? Develop an idea? Develop a resort in Mexico? It would be a lot more useful, if Duolingo gave us complete sentences. Standing alone, this is a fairly useless expression to study.

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