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"Burası tarihi bir kilise, ona dokunursan açıklama yapmak zorunda olacağız."

Translation:This is a historic church, if you touch it we will have to make an explanation.

August 26, 2015



Does the noun 'açıklama' always function together with 'yapmak' or could it also take 'vermek' ?

[deactivated user]

    You can't use 'vermek' after 'açıklama',it sounds weird.


    Classic TR v EN example of nouns > verbs.


    What does this mean? Who will explain what to who? I wish I could just concentrate on the Turkish instead of having to try and work out what these totally opaque sentences could be referring to.


    Some are truly bizarre = Lost in Translation


    It seems here that dokunmak is meant in a figurative sense like touch can have in English ("If you touch her you die!") and French. The speaker probably is warning a contractor against going too far in remodeling the great monument.


    I wrote "This is a historic church, if you touch it you will have to give an explanation". It was rejected. In my opinion, "give an explanation" is in English the correct way of putting it. You make a cake and give an explanation. I reported it.


    why do we have to use two verbs açıklama yapmak and olmak

    can't we use just one verb i am not sure how but it may be açıklama yapmalıyız??

    does this work


    I think this could work too. But I am learning too and I am not sure.


    i am sorry, i don't understand what does this sentence means.

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