"Burası tarihi bir kilise, ona dokunursan açıklama yapmak zorunda olacağız."

Translation:This is a historic church, if you touch it we will have to make an explanation.

August 26, 2015

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This is terrible English. I give up learning Turkish it will be because I have to torture my natural English to fit with some very odd translations. Disappointing


What does this mean? Who will explain what to who? I wish I could just concentrate on the Turkish instead of having to try and work out what these totally opaque sentences could be referring to.


Some are truly bizarre = Lost in Translation


It appears here that dokunmak is meant in a figurative sense like touch can have in English ("If you touch her you die!") and French. The speaker could well be a colonel of a bomber group briefing his crews before the day's op, telling them about targets to avoid.


I wrote "This is a historic church, if you touch it you will have to give an explanation". It was rejected. In my opinion, "give an explanation" is in English the correct way of putting it. You make a cake and give an explanation. I reported it.


'olacağız' - We, not you


I have also arrived at the point when I am seriously considering giving up the whole idiotic enterprise of learning anything from the mentally disturbed owl. How are those clearly untranslatable linguistic gimnastics going to help me in basic, daily use of Turkish? I wish I knew some Turkish swearwords to vent my fury. Arguably, that would be more useful.




Duo does not teach curse words. Your anger is duly noted. Channel your energy into positive thoughts. Do not give up. You have attained level 18 which is admirable. I got the English answer to this question wrong.

Do you have Turkish friends to talk with? Can you watch Turkish television programmes with sub-titles? In London most of the Boroughs have bi-lingual literature which is very useful. I have bought my first Turkish short story book. The story summary is in Turkish & English. A grammar explanation is given in English with key word definitions in use. This would benefit you.

Thank you.

Turkish Short Stories for Beginners: 20 Captivating Short Stories to Learn Turkish & Grow Your Vocabulary the Fun Way! (Easy Turkish Stories) Paperback – 15 Aug. 2020

By "Lingo mastery."



This grammar is way too difficult for level 1.


Does the noun 'açıklama' always function together with 'yapmak' or could it also take 'vermek' ?

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    You can't use 'vermek' after 'açıklama',it sounds weird.


    I think zorunda is of zor+u+n+da. Can someone Turkish native explain how it be have to/ must/ should. Thanks.


    Hello Sayel.Abbadi

    Zorunda -> "being obliged to, have to."

    Zor -> "difficult, hard."

    I have to do my job otherwise Duo will fire me. İşimi yapmak zorundayım yoksa Duo beni kovar.

    I have to go to school. Okula gitmek zorundayım.

    You have to sign this document. Bu belgeyi imzalamak zorundasınız.

    Bu örnekler, "Google Chrome’da" kolay bulundu.

    Thank you.


    Classic TR v EN example of nouns > verbs.


    why do we have to use two verbs açıklama yapmak and olmak

    can't we use just one verb i am not sure how but it may be açıklama yapmalıyız??

    does this work


    I think this could work too. But I am learning too and I am not sure.


    i am sorry, i don't understand what does this sentence means.


    Possibly this is referring to Hagia Sophia (an historic church in Istanbul) with priceless ancient paintings on the walls, and there are signs (such as this sentence) which tell you not to touch, in order to preserve the church walls, and its historic value.....if you do you will be subject to a punishment....i.e. asked for an explanation.....


    "Burası tarihi bir kilise, ona dokunursan açıklama yapmak zorunda olacağız." Translation: This is a historic church, if you touch it we will have to make an explanation.


    This is a historic church, if you touch that we will have to give an explanation.

    Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.


    wouldn't make a report be better word choice?


    "Burasi" kind of means "Here's", right? "Here's a historic church" I understand "this" is literally "bu" in Turkish.


    Is sentence in English is nonsense!


    This english sentense is nonsense

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