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  5. "Slike sko vil hun også ha."

"Slike sko vil hun også ha."

Translation:She also wants to have those kind of shoes.

August 26, 2015



Is it common to have the direct object in the first position in everyday Norwegian?


Yes, when you want to highlight the direct object. "Den jakka vil jeg også ha!" (I want that jacket too!)


I think this sentences might be correct as well: "She also wants to have this kind of shoes" The word KIND is singular, therefore THIS sounds correct to me and if anything sounds a bit awkward I would say it is THESE, because as I said KIND is singular.


Is it more colloquially correct to say "sånne sko vil hun også ha"? I don't hear the word slik that much on the streets when speaking Norwegian...


THAT kind of shoes or THOSE kinds of shoes.

[deactivated user]

    Is "Shoes like these she wants to have also." wrong (or is it just not accepted here)?


    I think it is just not accepted. I entered "Such shoes she wants to have also." which was also marked wrong, although "Such shoes she wants to have too." is accepted. The problem with this sentence is that there are too many ways to phrase it in English.


    Can I say "also" instead of "too"?


    I guess "THOSE kind" is wrong in English, isn't it? It is in the suggested answer.


    Those kind of shoes wants she also to have ...?

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