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Croatian Language. Lesson 1.

<h1>Lesson 1</h1>


<pre> Useful Phrases </pre>

Good afternoon - Dobar dan

Hello - Bok

How are you? - Kako ste? (formal)

How are you? - Kako si?

Fine, thank you. - Dobro sam, hvala.

What is your name? - Kako se zovete? (formal)

What is your name? - Kako se zoveš? (informal)

My name is __ - Ja sam ____.

Nice to meet you. - Drago mi je.

Please - Molim

Thank you - Hvala lijepa.

You're welcome. - Nema na čemu.

Yes. - Da

No - Ne

Excuse me. (getting attention) - Oprostite

Excuse me. (begging pardon) - Pardon.

I'm sorry. - Oprostite.

I'm sorry. ("expressing condolence") - Žao mi je.

Goodbye - Do viđenja

I can't speak Croatian [well]. - Ne govorim (dobro) hrvatski.

Do you speak English? - Govorite li engleski? (formal)

Do you speak English? - Govoriš li engleski? (informal)

Good morning. - Dobro jutro.

Good evening. - Dobra večer

Good night. - Laku noć

<h1>Croatian Alphabet</h1>

The Croatian language employs the Latin (or Roman) alphabet. However, certain letters are modified or added for the Croatian language’s specific phonetic system. The Croatian alphabet contains a total of 30 letters, all of which are listed below.


#A Few Words About Croatian Pronunciation

Croatian words are pronounced exactly how they are spelt. This may not be such great advice to
those who are having trouble reading Croatian but it is just a reminder that all letters and syllables in
words are pronounced and there are no silent letters (unlike in English!). As a general rule of thumb, Croatian vowels are short. There is no q, w, x or y in the Croatian alphabet.

<h1>Croatian Pronunciation of Letters</h1>

C - like ts in lets

č (hard) - like ch in church

ć (soft) - like ch in cheese

Dž - similar to J in June

Đ - like j in joke

G - like g in goal

H - like h in ham

J - like y in yard

Lj - like l in lure

Nj - like the Spanish ñ

R - trilled

Š - like sh in sheep

Ž - like s in measure

A - like a in sofa

E - like e in met

I - like ee in feet

O - like o in dog

U - like oo in boot

<h1>TO BE</h1>

To be - biti

I am - Ja sam

You are - Ti si

He/She is - On/Ona je

We are - Mi smo

They are - Oni su

Ja nisam - I am not

Ti Nisi - You are not

On / Ona Nije - He / She no

Mi Nismo - We are not

Oni Nisu - They are not


Pronounce: čovjek (man), žena (woman), dječak (boy), djevojka (girl), jabuka (apple), kruh

(bread), voda (water), mlijeko (milk).

Translate into Croatian:

The weather is good ( the weather - vrijeme, good - dobro )

The boy is young (the boy - Dječak, young - mlad )

The girl is beautiful ( the girl - djevojka, beautiful - lijepa)

The woman is smart ( the woman - žena, smart - pametna)

We are friends ( friends - prijatelji )

They are old ( old - stari )

I am glad ( glad - radostan )

That is end of the first lesson. I want to apologize for bad design. Hope this lesson will be useful.

August 26, 2015



Kaj nije istu stvar već napravio jedan lik tu na forumu? Lesson 1, 2 itd.


Croatian was already made?


Well, one guy has done a similar thing introducing Croatian cases (padeže), but I guess the thread is inactive.


A question to OP: are you Croat or just interested in learning Croatian?


I am not Croatian :) Just interested!


Okay. You or anybody that is interested can get my help. I mean one can be so into that. In that case that one would need help.

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