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"Von außen sieht alles normal aus."

Translation:Everything looks normal from the outside.

October 27, 2013



Why does the combination of "sieht" and "aus" mean "looks"? How rigid is this word order? Can someone give me an example of the word order being moved around and still being correct?


The verb is "aussehen" (=to look like)

It is a seperable verb, which means in its inflected form, the prefix gets detached and put on the very end of the sentence. This order, as always with verbs, is fixed and can't be moved around. The only other possibility is that you have another verb, which would take up the main spot in second position. In this case, the verb gets reunited and stands at the end of the sentence completely:

"Von außen sieht alles normal aus." (seperated verb)
"Von außen muss alles normal aussehen." (verb gets pushed at the end by modal verb)


OK, this helps a lot. I have not gotten to any lesson that explicitly teaches separable verbs, so every time I meander across one I am quite confused. Thanks for the great response.


It's not exactly easy, because there's no way to recognize one as long as it is not seperated. If you encounter it seperated though, you can identify it by the preposition at the very end. Usually, prepositions are followed by an object. If they show up at the very end of a sentence, they must belong to the verb instead.


Why is "from the outside, everything looks normal" rejected??


The translation for "aussen" offered includes "out here", yet mine was rejected.


You can say "from the outside" when you are standing inside or outside. But you can only use "out here" if you are outside. To convey that, the German sentence would add a "hier" too, like "von hier außen sieht alles normal aus".


could you also say "von draussen sieht alles normal aus"?


Would somebody be kind enough to give me the technical explanation as to why "outside" is not considered a noun here (and therefore not capitalized)?


The proper noun for the outside would be die Außenseite. In the sentence above, they just used an adverb.


Why can the sentence not be translated: Outside everything looks normal?


Is it OK to say "Alles sieht normal von außen aus"?


yes you can say that, that would emphasize more on "alles"


Why does Duo not accept "Everything from the outside looks normal"? I can't tell you how many times I have seen examples in Duo marks wrong for perfectly correct answers. The sentence means the same thing as the translation with the same words, just a different order. How frustrating!


When is aussen used and when is draussen used?


What's the difference between außen and draußen? Also, for that matter, what's the difference between innen and drinnen?


Just curious why the word is "sieht" here; is it because it technically belongs to "alles"? If so, is the following valid:

Alles sieht normal von außen aus.


why "ok" is not accepted for "normal"?


If I want to emphasize "alles", would the sentence be "Alles sieht von außen normal aus"?


"Alles sieht von außen normal aus" is this word order correct? If not, is there any form of this sentence which doesn't begin with "von außen" but with the subject "alles"?

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