"OK, where are you now?"

Translation:Добре, де ти зараз?

August 26, 2015

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тепер і зараз - чим відрізняються?


В даному контексті нічим.


в такому випадку не розумію чому не приймаються як правильні відповіді з обома словами "тепер" і "зараз".


Вже приймаються.


дякую за реагування)


How do i have to know from English word "you" that it has to be either "ти" or "ви"?


In this case, it doesn't matter. In other sentences, you may need to work it out from what verbs are available (if you are using the word bank).


You can't know that. That's why Duo accepts both:

Добре, де ви зараз?

Добре, де ти зараз?

And some other translations with different word order with both ти & ви


Is the word order really unacceptable if you change it in any way?


I mean for example: Добре, зараз де ви? or Добре, ви де зараз? Isn't it just a matter of emphasis on "now" or "where" or "you" that results from the word order rather than being incorrect? Or is the word order very awkward sounding to a Ukrainian when you change it?

For a beginning level response, I would assume we are not trying to be extremely precise to translate the exact phrase but rather the meaning. If this were a course in expert translation, I would accept an answer that says, this is the best and most correct word order, but as a beginner, I would appreciate any response so that I can get a feeling for this language.


"Добре" means "good", not "OK".


де зараз ви Is my word order OK?


This sentence is ok in Ukrainian, but the word order is not neutral. If you just want to ask where someone else, you'd typically say?

Де ви зараз?

or maybe

Ви зараз де?

But your sentence could be used emphatically. For example, you ask someone?

Де ви зараз?

They misheard you and answer:

Вчора ми були в кіно... We were at the cinema yesterday

You ask again, emphasizing зараз:

Ви не зрозуміли. Де зараз ви? You misunderstood.... Where are you now?


Thank you ~

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