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Did they change "Words"?

Before my last upgrade, a few days ago, my Words count was 464. Today I look after learning 8 new but it now say only 240! What's happening?!

August 26, 2015



The amount of words I know has halved! I hope this means various conjugations of the same verbs are not being counted more than once/ inflating numbers.


That sounds odd but just remember, it doesn't affect or control how many words you know.




Mine was about 1,300 words and is now exactly 500. My brain feels exactly the same though. :-)


It says I know: 502 Words
But I'm 63.5% sure that it used to be closer to 1500 words.
Or possibly 1000 something words.


Interesting - I just checked mine and it says 502 words hmmmm. I do not remember what it said before - I have not checked it. I finished my tree not to long ago, but it is a long way from gold.


Mine says 502 too. But a few hours ago it said 1586 (that's probably what yours used to say if you did all the bonus skill)


¡Antes tenía aproximadamente 1500 palabras pero ahora sólo tengo 502!


Ahora tengo 2387 palabras. Este sitio web esta loca!


I tried checking again , little earlier and the words page would not open, so I thought maybe they were doing something to it. Just now checked again and the count is no 2659. So, it changes again.


The earlier count for the Spanish course was 1586.


if you're talking about the Spanish word list, that's the same thing I am seeing - went from something over 1500 to 502


Don't think so, lost around ~100 words. Mostly nouns/early skill words.


Well, in Spanish I had 1575 and now I have 502. My tree has been finished for some time. In my reverse tree they added a new exercise the other day so I had to do that to re-finished that tree. Still not finished with French so I'm not sure there. But it appears they have taken a lot of what people have been saying to heart an doing some tinkering and updates. Not sure what it means yet.


Yep, I just dropped to 502 from 1,572 or so. Tree completed long ago.


I am at 502 now and JohnLiotta, ElimGarak, and Fay306893 (below) are at 502. How did they come up with that number?? ?Que pasa?


I am at 502 also and have not finished the tree. I lost 1003 words.


Mine was 1571 after i finished the tree, now it is 502


Maybe if you took a couple of days it probably thought you forgot it


I just checked my word count and it says that I have 502 but yesterday it was 1587. Don't know what happened, but it doesn't matter too much to me because Duo words aren't the only ones that I know. I have vocabulary from Memrise and others that I have picked up from the real world. I won't fret over it but would like to know what is going on.


Read the official post in the main Duolingo forum. DL removed tons of words that were no longer being taught from the lists of all languages.


Something went wrong.

Spanish from English course now has 502 words and English from Spanish course is now down to 879 words.

Both courses had around 1500 words listed in the tab.

System is broken.


Add me to the list of tree completed 502 words. Interesting, wonder if it is a glitch or on purpose?


mine went from 1500+ to 502. And the list and 'strength' info still makes no sense........ it shows my weakest word as 'estoy'........saying it was last practiced two months ago.........and it's clearly been in loads of my practice -------including in the last hour!...... between this and the 'fluency' shield, this makes very little sense........


Well I'm happy to see I wasn't going crazy! Duo did make changes! Yes we learned lots of words but it sounds like our original numbers were inflated. Oh well. It's still fun


That sounds strange. I have never heard of something like that happening. I mean yeah I have only been on here senor but this is very strange


well it gets even stranger..........so now it went from 1500+down to 502.....and they told us how they streamlined it and it was supposed to be a smaller number and that's good..........and now.......it 2724 ......so NOW what's the story?........oh yeah....and the 'fluency' number is still 55% - same as it has been for several months.........not meaningful at all


Yep mine had gone down to 502, now I is 2659


Hey thanks guys I must of gotten some of your words , I have 2753 in spanish


I went back to the list and it seems realistic now, I am not sure how many words there really are in Spanish but I have had a basic gold tree for quite a while and yes there are now only 12 words with 1 bar. I used to have hundreds of one bar words. I would click on one of them to find the lesson it was introduced and redo the skill, but the words would not strengthen on the list. Also just going through the list there are many words that haven't been practiced for one year. BUT I have redone the whole tree from beginning to end starting in April or May. However this maybe a big improvement.


Hey I just went to the word list and found a word that duo said I hadn't practised for a year "carrera" I redid the lesson and WOW when I refreshed my word list it was practiced just now. THANKS DUO YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST


Well I just checked my words list and I went from 1587 a few days ago to 502 as many of us have and now I'm back up to 2910 and all my words are full strength. There are a lot of words on the list that I haven't seen in a while even though I'm in here everyday for long periods reviewing. weird huh? Still loving it though.


Ok. What is going here. I just checked my words and now having learned 8 or 9 new words I'm back up to 911! All are at full strength!

Does anyone know what's going on?


I hadn't checked in a long time, but mine used to be pretty stable around the upper 1500s. Now it says 2495. Am I the only one who actually went up?? Looks like I have all the masculine/feminine/singular/plural forms, as well as a random assortment of verb forms.


A couple of days ago, my Spanish word count was something like 1351. Today I looked and it's 2814. Whoa! Where did that come from? Also, I see that the "strength bars" are more realistic than they had been. Obviously, somebody has been working on the App. (Note: I've kept the tree gilded for several weeks now, and am almost finished going through the entire tree for the second time.) If all of a sudden the number of words changes, I'll report it.


Hi Jazz do you have the Christmas bonus skill, that could explain the difference. I have 2753 words. It seems like duo has corrected their word tracking as I noted above.


I have the Hanukkah bonus skill ;-) (Enjoy the Lingot I just gifted you!) I just checked again and they've changed it to 2818 words. Like I said, I think they've refined the App and re-counted the actual words; it's a good thing. When it was 1300 words, I kept thinking that that's really not enough vocabulary. When they get to 10,000 words, then I'll be happier.


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