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  5. "It is a strawberry."

"It is a strawberry."

Translation:Det er et jordbær.

August 26, 2015



why is "et" not " en " ?


"Jordbær" is a neuter noun, and the indefinite article for neuter nouns is "et."


do we need to remember all neuter nouns ,verbs ?


You have to remember the genders of nouns to speak the language, yes.

Verbs do not have gender in Norwegian.


Thx Luke , are you fluent in Norsk ? :)


No worries!

I am.


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I said 'Den' instead of 'det'- that is correct isn't it? It didn't accept it though...


When referring to something which has yet to be introduced, we default to the neuter form.

Once it has been introduced, and we want to refer back to it, the pronoun takes its gender from the noun. In this case, the noun (et jordbær) is neuter, so the correct pronoun would still be "det".

"Det er et jordbær. Det smaker søtt."
"It's a strawberry. It tastes sweet."

"Det er en bil. Den kjører fort."
"It's a car. It drives fast."

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