ما هو الفرق

ماهو الفرق بين : journey و trip ــ voyage و cruise ـــــــــ reach و arrive و approach ــــــ shore و coast ــــ achieve و accomplish ـــــ lack و shortage ـــــ وما معنى expedition وشكرا جزيلاً مقدماً

August 26, 2015

3 تعليقات
  • Journey: A ​trip, esp. over a ​long ​period or a ​great ​distance

  • Trip: An ​occasion on which someone goes to a ​place and ​returns from it, or the ​act of ​traveling from one ​place to another

  • Voyage: A ​long ​trip, esp. by ​ship

  • Cruise: A ​trip on a ​large ​ship for ​pleasure

  • Expedition: A ​long, ​organized ​trip for a ​particular ​purpose, or the ​people, ​vehicles, or ​ships making such a ​trip

  • Reach: To ​arrive ​somewhere

  • Arrive: To come to a ​place, esp. after ​traveling

  • Approach: To come nearer to something or someone

  • Shore: The ​land along the ​edge of the ​sea, a ​lake, or a ​wide ​river

  • Coast: The ​land next to or ​close to the ​sea

  • Achieve: To do or ​obtain something that you ​wanted after ​planning and ​working to make it ​happen

  • Accomplish: To do or ​finish something ​successfully; ​achieve something

  • Lack: A ​condition of not having any or enough of something, esp. something ​necessary or ​wanted

  • Shortage: A ​lack of something ​needed

شكرا جزيلاً ، الله يعطيك العافيه

على الرحب والسعة :)

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