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Google Classroom

I have been reading that Duolingo will be able to integrate into Google Classroom. I was wondering:

  1. If that processes has started to be worked out?
  2. What type of features will be available?
  3. When can we expect this to happen?

I totally understand that it takes time to develop these type of things, so I am not expecting it to happen tomorrow, but am just curious as to what and when it may happen.

August 26, 2015



Duolingo already offers an integration with Google Classroom (and we are always open to new ideas). Right now, when you select "Invite Students" in your classroom view, a pop-up will appear offering you the option of sharing the link to join via Google Classroom on the bottom of the small window. :]


Can I assign a skill through Google Classroom so that students can view the assignment? Assignments sent directly from Duolingo to their school email accounts get blocked by the firewall.


No. We realize this is an issue and are working on ways to improve the way students can view their assignments. For now, teachers in your situation would have to remind them in class or manually.


Thx for the quick response! You mention two options: reminding them in class or "manually". How do you do this? While they were in class, I tried to have them search for my assignment, which was on the skill "To be- ser/estar". They weren't able to access this skill individually. It showed up as one of 15 skills, and they could only practice all 15 skills together.

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