"Følger hun ham?"

Translation:Is she following him?

August 26, 2015



When listening, I'm still having trouble differentiating between "følger" and "føler." Are they really pronounced the same?


"Følger" is pronounced as if it were written "føller", and the double consonant makes the preceding vowel sound ("ø") short.

"Føler", with the single "l", is pronounced with a long "ø".


I assume this would be used for all instances like being escorted/guided, stalking, or even watching progress (like social media feed, or here on Duolingo)


'stalking' would be 'forfølger' (or 'følger etter'). Watching progress is usually 'følger opp' or 'følger med (på)', so using the preposition is important :)

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Could "She is following him?" also work?


Because that would also register as correct without a question mark, we've decided not to accept questions that could be statements without the question mark. We want to cement into our students' minds the way the language creates questions.

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Ah, OK, thanks. So after you ask for info ("is she following him?") how would you register the surprise that she is indeed. In English I might write: "She is following him?!?!" which is half a question & half a response to what I just found out. Maybe that's too subtle for this stage of my learning Norwegian, and maybe it's also done with punctuation, & obviously orally it would depend on tone of voice & emphasis. Thank you again. I appreciate so much that you guys continually give such complete answers to our questions.


Totally agree! You are all SOOO helpful! Tusen, tusen takk!


Could it be translated into "Is she paying attention to him"? If not, how would you say it?? Tusen takk!


"Følger hun med på ham?"

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