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"How many dollars do you have?"

Translation:Kiom da dolaroj vi havas?

August 26, 2015



"Plenmano da dolaroj"


io ideo, kial la akusativo ne estas uzinta cxi tie? [Any idea why the accusative case was not in use here] dolarojn, since transformed as an affirmation, I think you will say : Mi havas 10 dolarojn.


Ĉu iun ideon, kial la akuzativo ne estis uzita ĉi tie? (Maybe you could also write "Ĉu iu ideo...", but I think "iun ideon" is better because it seems to me that the whole sentence is "Ĉu iu [el vi] havas iun ideon...")

Yes, you would really say "Mi havas 10 dolarojn", but here it's "Kiom da dolaroj". Da is a preposition, so you don't need (and aren't allowed) to use the accusative here. You only use the accusative after a preposition if it means movement. For example:

  • Birdo flugas en mia domo = A bird is flying in my house (it's in my house and it's flying there)
  • Birdo flugas en mian domon = A bird is flying into my house (it's flying from outside my house into it)


literally this is expressed as How much/many of dollars have you? The preposition of makes it nominative when it is expressed as a quantity of something.


Mi estas princido de Niĝerio…


da is of, when referring to a quantity.


But the previous example had "kiom doloroj" without the "da" so im confused to when this should/shouldn't be used in this case?


You'll have to show me a link. "Kiom doloroj" is not good Esperanto. If it's in the course (and I don't think it is) it should be removed.

I could believe "kiom doloras"


Kiom dolaroj is not correct kiom da dolaroj is correct


Actually, neither one is correct.


Ĉu "kiom dolarojn vi havas" vere estas erara?


Jes, vere.

Kiom da dolaroj...

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