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"Meine Schwester und ich werden es niemals vergessen."

Translation:My sister and I will never forget it.

October 27, 2013



Hello. Is there any difference between "nie" and "niemals"?


you could swap niemals for nie and the sentence would be still correct. But, and this is only my personal feeling, i would rather use niemals if i want to make the nie stronger. My english is not so great, but i use "never ever" as the english word for niemals.


Jaime Lannister's internal dialogue.


Wincest ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


can i also say me and my sister ....


No,me is wrong.

You would say :

-'You and I'

-She and I

-My sister and I

You would not say:

-You and me

-Her and me

-My sister and me/me and my sister


Actually, sentences that include constructions like "you and me" can definitely be correct. Some people use "I" even in sentences where they shouldn't, usually and ironically to try to sound more educated.



Would you say 'Me went to the movies' or 'I went to the movies' ? Now,would you say 'Him/her went to the movies' or 'He/she went to the movies' ? Hopefully you chose option 2 in both cases,since they're the valid choices.

Me/him/her is accusative.To whom?(That is Dative). Whom have you seen?(That is accusative)

I/he/she is nominative.

To whom did i give the ticket?

-I gave the ticket to him./I gave the ticket to her.

Who gave me the ticket?

-He gave me the ticket./She gave me the ticket.

She gave me the ticket,but i gave the ticket to her.

It's not about sounding educated,that's just proper grammar.You won't learn that in a school most certainly.In conclusion,they're not correct at all,regardless of how frequently people use it,to me it sounds like a troll language,the way people talk on Twitter.

By what standard do we measure what is correct and what is not if not by the standard/formal form? It is important to distinguish idiomatic speech from standard speech,this is not only idiomatic,but also wrong,since it does not distinguish between accusative and nominative.A foreigner might better distinguish those.

-Hau du ju laik dem apølz? Who's to say this sentence is incorrect?


Who is going to the movies? (Nominative) -He and i are going to the movies

Between you and me.What is the question? Between whom? Therefore the answer is 'me',not 'I'.Seriously,just read what i've told you,it's as simple as learning grammatical cases.

Which of these would you say? Just ask yourself the question first and you'll know the proper way to respond.

-Him and me are going to the movies -He and me are going going to the movies -He and i are going to the movies

What is the question? Is it 'Who is going to the movies'? Which grammatical case is question 'Who'? It is nominative. Nominative (Who,what) = I/He/she/it Accusative (Whom)= Me/him/her/it Dative (To whom) = To me/to him/to her/to it

Furthermore,did you even read the first link for example? It basically says what i'm saying.Go on,read it.You're asking wrong questions.You would say 'between you and me' because the question is 'Between whom',which is Accusative.Nominative would be answering to questions 'Who/What'.

You can't just find an example where it says 'you and me' and assume it is correct in all instances.How do you know when is it correct? Answer the question of grammatical case.

Who? You and I/He and she

Between whom? Between you and me/Between him and her

To whom? To you and me/To him and her



You are really going into depth on this topic, but most of it is pointless. Why? Because I never said you ALWAYS should say things like "you and me". You seem to think I said that though. I simply and correctly refuted your claim that such constructions are never correct. My sources back me up on that completely.


yeah it's grammatically incorrect but in modern English you would usually say 'Me and my sister'. saying 'I' after 'my sister' sounds awkward and unnatural as a native speaker


"My sister and I" sounds exactly right and is what a native English speaker would say.

Saying "Me and my sister" makes one sound uneducated.


on top you say me and my sister is wrong but on the bottom you use it yourself. what now?


No,i did not.I said 'My sister and I' is something you would say.At the bottom i wrote 'My sister and me/me and my sister' is wrong.Those are two completely different things.

Ex. My sister is talking to me. My sister and I are talking.


okay, i did not see that you wrote: you would not say when i write in the google translater you and me he translates it to german into du und ich. I also heard it also in this way in some popsongs. could it be slang?


are you an englishman?


Nope,i'm not an Englishman.Perhaps it is because so many people make the same mistake,it is something you will come by frequently.Perhaps i just stuble onto people who speak English as a second language,but it's not rare among Englishmen,nevertheless it is wrong.

My first language is Croatian,it's often a good reference point while learning german grammatical cases,but also in such case as knowing when to use 'I' vs 'me'.(We have 7 grammatical cases)

I see you're doing Polish,so it's kind of like : -Mówisz do mnie? (Are you talking to me?) -Ty i ja mówimy ( You and i are talking)

P.S. I'm not very good at Polish,i know just the most basic,i just used it because i see you're taking that course.


You maybe know the song me and you and a dog named poo? for me that sentence is very funny and I don't want to miss it even if it is wrong! In that case I and you wouldn't sound so well.


You would always say 'You and i' ,i think that's the case in most languages,although in Croatian it doesn't sound weird,it's still a rule to always say 'You and i (Ti i ja),rather than 'Ja i ti'.

That way it doesn't sound weird at all,same way if you were to ask ˝Whom does he like?˝ - He likes you and me. (Rather than 'He likes me and you)

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