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  5. "Wie entstehen Zeitschriften?"

"Wie entstehen Zeitschriften?"

Translation:How are magazines created?

January 2, 2013



Hello. What's the difference between "schaffen" and "entstehen"?


schaffen is to create.

entstehen is to come into existence.

Something can either come into existence by being created, or it can simple come into being out of thin air.


It's definitely not "How do magazines dorm" ! **form

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"How are magazines developed"=>wrong!=>"How are magazines develoPPed"

WFT, Duo? Giving me a wrong answer for a mere letter in English and was even wrong on your side? Well, reported.


Even when I click 'slower' I can't hear the sound of 'wie'.


Why does 'Wie entstehen Zeitschriften?' mean passive even though the sentence is not passive form (Not like Wie werden Zeitschriften entstanden')?


Sometimes, in order to convey the meaning of a sentence or a word, you have to ‘distort’ the original syntax (think, for example, of the way ‘es gefällt mir’ gets translated to ‘I like it’ to preserve the semantics, even though a literal translation would have to be ‘it is likeable to me’ or ‘it pleases me’). In this case ‘entstehen’ is an intransitive verb meaning ‘to come to be, to arise’ which in this context is more readily translated as ‘to be created’.


Thank you! I was guessing so, but 'entstehen' can take a person as subject, can't it? z.B 'Ich entstehe eine Software'. (not sure 'entstehen is the suitable verb for this sentence, but some example) or it always takes things as subject and means be created ?


It always means ‘be created’ (or rather ‘come into being, begin to exist’), I guess it can be said of a person under the right circumstances, but the point is: it's intransitive, it can't take an object, you can't entstehen something (or someone for that matter), but something can entstehen.


Alles klar! Danke!


"arise" might be the best way to think of it here


Since when has developed had two p's


It's a mistake.


Wil any German or Englishman ever say this?

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